Thursday, March 27, 2008

pregnant STILL

I really think this last 6 weeks is going to drag on...hopefully the baby will be born early, not too early cause i still have another 2 weeks of work left, so maybe born at 37-38 weeks would be perfect for me...
here is some pics that luke took last night, he did a pretty good job, its amazing what you can do with a black sheet~!!!
silly thing i put the same one up twice, cant change it, or cant be bothered! either way!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

password problems!

i have not updated cause i couldnt remember my password!!
All is good with me and the bubba, just counting down the days now (56 till my due date) I was ment to finish work in 2 weeks but I am going to work for another 2 so I am officially finishing work on the 10th April. I would rather spend time with the baby then before the baby arrives. It still gives me 4 weeks off before my due date.
Vickie is hosting my baby shower this weekend, im pretty excited as it all seems real now! Its a rubber ducky theme, i will post pics up.
I brought a black sheet to take preg photos but I really wanted to get a sports bra type top to wear but a strapless one, but i cant find one anywhere!
I am still craving ice really bad (eating it right now!!) I have a 5kg bag in my works freezer and it takes me less than a week to eat. i think i eat about 8 trays per night. no idea why but its sugar free i guess!!'
Hopefully i will get Luke to take some belly pics soon, I will post them now I remember my password!!