Monday, August 18, 2008

Im worlds worst blogger!

I actually forget sometimes that I even have one!!---whoops!!
Well, I am currently back to work. Earlier than anticipated but money always helps. I am working at Jubilee gym and it also has a bugalugs playcentre for kids and a cafe. So, I am managing it on a weekend. Totally different to what im used to but I am actually loving it. Change is as good as a holiday right???
Mum and Dad are minding Chloe of a weekend so she doesnt have to go into daycare and we dont have to pay for it! Works out perfectly!
What else is happening?? well, here is a quick rundown....
*we are getting a bath installed tomorrow. SO excited as we have had our house over 4 years and havnt had a bath. I love to have a bath and I cant wait! Im going to go and buy chloe a seat for the bath and also some toys and maybe some soak stuff for me!! yippeee!! Luke hates having a bath but I cant wait...
*I got my cricut from the US on Friday, thanks to Sar. I love it but have only had a really quick play with it so far so I cant wait to get on a mission and scrap away!
*Chloe has been really unsettled lately, she got her 4 month needles on Thursday, but also is teething. Its not fun times right now I cant tell you!
*My house looks like a bomb has hit it! But it normally does and you get that!
**My brother will be 27 tomorrow
*Mum and Dad are leaving for Hawaii in 4.5 weeks, and my bestie Vickie leaves for America in like 5.5 weeks!
*Chloes christening is next Saturday 30th. Her dress is absolutely beautiful and her godmother, Vickie, made it for her, she is so clever.
*my land rates have gone up $28 per quarter! What a joke!!!!!!
*Luke gets a new boss today, and hopefully we find out what days off he will be having.
*I made choc slive for the first time and I actually thought it tasted pretty good.

Well, thats about it, I think!
Until next time.................