Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 4

We just got home from the Simpsons Movie, it was good, but I was extremely tired so I didnt find it that funny. Luke loved it! I am going to do this post and go to bed! On alot of medication for my migrains which is knocking me around! So.....these photos are probably the worst that I have ever taken, I actually look tired! Hopefully I will get Luke to take some better ones on the weekend!

Monday, July 30, 2007

Day 3

Here is days 3 photo, on the way to work today after having 2 weeks off.....as you can probably tell by the look on my face, i was not excited to be going back!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Day number 2

Well, this photo just about shows how I feel, tired, ready for bed! (its only 4pm!) I have to go back to work tomorrow after having a fortnight off (1 week sick the other on holidays). I am ready to have an easy small dinner as we just came home form having a big lunch at my Uncles 70th Birthday. Then I am going to watch Big Brother in the air conditioned lounge room. I am also going to fit in some scrapping somewhere and ironing too! (yuck)

Luke just took this photo, look similar to last nights but I know the photos will change, I have 363 left to do!

Scrapping......I can't seem to stop!

Since I have been on holidays from work I have been able to scrap so much, and I'm loving it! I must be able to because there is nothing else in my head....no audit, personal loans, counting or anything, just scrapping! It may all end tomorrow night when I need to get to sleep to go back to work. Or when i finally have to pack it all away off the dining room table. I have enjoyed it and I guess thats all that counts.

Here is tonights effort.

Day 1 of 365 day challenge!

Here is my first photo in this challenge, i took it just then, just after I had got out of the shower.

Think i will get Luke to start taking them from now on!

Friday, July 27, 2007

First Post

This is my first post on my blog. Scrapwitch mentioned last night that I didnt have one so I thought that i would make one today! I had such an awesome night last night meeting everyone from the SM forum. It was so good. I did 4 layouts. One I am really happy with, I scraplifted it off Scrapwitch, so of course it is good. I also decided last night that I am going to start the 365 photo challenge. So I will be taking a photo sometime today. I already decided that I am going to do a BOM so this will be good for that aswell. I did a few pages ready for this book last night. Well, I am off to take some photos, download the ones of last night and start my challenge! I may also do some housework somewhere in there somewhere....and I do have to go and visit my grandmother whom is in hospital and get all my scrap stuff out of my car!! Here is a pic of the girls from last night, Leanne, me, Lisa and Pam. (scrapgoddess, Lozcon83, scrapwitch and webgod) I had such a good time! See you girls next month!