Saturday, March 21, 2009

Da 341

Chloe girl playing in our neighbours front yard today. They love her like she is their grandchild. We will never move, unless they do!

Day 340


Day 339

Day 338

Day 337

Day 336

Day 335

Watching TV with Nanna in the morning

Day 334

She is growing up WAY too fast!

Day 333

Day 332

Eating dinner on Great Grandma's lap. Mummy had photograhy school so Nanna took this pic for photo of the day for her...

Day 331

Was cold this morning, playing before getting dressed for Daycare...

Day 330

Day 329 (9/3)

Sick baby girl AGAIN, back to doctors, on more anti-biotics.

Day 328

Day 327

Choe was having a shower with Luke and decided she wanted more toys to play with so she went over to find her toys, all whilst she was eating a toy!

Day 326

will find this pic too!

Day 325

Another person whom loves my baby girl so much....her beautiful Nanna. Chloe now says "Nannnnnn Nannnn Nanna" Melts my Mum's heart!

Day 324

I could not love anything more than this beautiful baby girl...just can't get enough of her!

Day 323

Pic coming from daycare as i am missing mine, i will find it though!

Day 322

Day 321

Day 320

Day 319

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 318

Day 317

Really bad photo but the only one I took for that day