Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 168 - 24 weeks old

Day 167

Chloe when we went for a walk and we called in to say hello to our neighbours who she adores!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Here is a pic of the swing my brother brought Clo...

Diary for day 163

I have decided I am not going to post Pic of the day until the day is over so I can keep the diary with the pic...
Yesterday Luke was still really sick, he got out of bed for a little bit though. His Mum rang this morning to tell us that his Uncle whom lives in TAS had died. Just what we needed right now!
I took Chloe to mothers group, then we came home and had Lunch with my brother and his girlfriend. We then went to Gymbaroo but Chloe hadn't slept so she only lasted 10 mins and she was asleep so we left.
Matthew (my bro) then called in later on and dropped off presents for Clo. He got her those foam mats that shes laying on and a swing for outside. He is soooo good to her. He also got her 6 outfits and a pretend mobile phone. She is spoilt!
She slept all night and woke up at 7am!!

Diary for day 162

Well, what a sh*t day! My DH, Luke, is really sick. I mean REALLY sick!
I hate the fact that I know what is making him sick but I can't do anything to help it as i have already tried 100 times and nothing helps him. I just wish that the people involved would wake up to themselves and realise how this is affecting him. I went to the doctors with him this morning and Doug our awesome neighbour looked after Chloe so I didnt have to take her out in the pouring rain. I practically had to carry him in to the docs and then I went in with him this time. Then he had to go get blood test done. Luke slept all day! He only got out of bed to go to the toilet and was straight back to sleep (could have been the sleeping tables though!)
Chloe was the best behaved little girl EVER! She was so settled all day and was a dream baby! She must have known her Daddy needed to rest. She loves him so much!
We played together out in the lounge room. I cleaned my scrap room all I can see stuff!
I then got abused by Lukes boss that night on the phone! (A** HOLE!)....
I cried for over an hour! SO MISSING MY MUM RIGHT NOW!
But, that day is now over..........

Day 163

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another scrap page

I scrapbooked again it is

Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 162

Diary for day 161

Well, yesterday (161) diary, well....we spent the whole entire day at home!
Chloe was so unsettled, I think its her teeth playing up. I tried to get some cleaning done but it didnt happen. My Ma and Pop came over for a visit but Chloe was tired and they didnt stay long. Luke came home from work and he was really sick so he went straight to bed. I guess the advantage of Chloe not sleeping all day was she slept awesome last night! Didnt get up until 7.15am this morning!! YEAH!! Except I was up with Luke as he was sick :(

Some scrapping

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Diary for day 160

Well, Chloe had a sleep over at Nanna and Pas on Saturday night, but yesterday spent the morning with them whilst they were getting ready to go to Hawaii. Luke and I both had to work. Mum then took Chloe to Vickies and she minded her until I got there after work. We stayed for tea. Put CHloe in Jakeys swing and she loved it. Luke went for a bike ride with Ben and Jake and the girls hung around home. The boys got home and cooked a BBQ for tea. Chloe slept on their spare bed and then we came home.

Day 161 - 23 weeks old....

Day 160

Quick post for today
Will do the diary part tomorrow

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 159

Well, we went to have tea with my parents tonight as they leave to go overseas tomorrow. I am going to miss them SO much!
Anyway, I did a slideshow of the pics from the photoshoot to the song sway. As you can see I think they liked it!
My Mum was still crying 1 hour later!
She is so beautiful and I love them both SO much....
I am off to bed, start work at 7am!
Im buggered....
ANyway, here is a couple of pics from tonight, Chloe girl is staying at Nanna and Pas tonight, so I am off to get a full nights sleep!
Going to clean my scraproom tomorrow night so I can scrap till my hearts content!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 158

Well today we went with Vickie and Jake. Vickie had to go to the chiro so I went with her and I sat in the car with the babies. We then drove into Newcastle to go op-shopping as Vickie has an 80's party to go to. We got home just after 2.
We then went up to my Mum and Dad's. Chloe stayed with Mum whilst I went to the new fruit shop that just opened near their house. They had some good bargains! (tomato's were 49c per kilo and 5kg potatos were $1.49! old am i talking about vegies on my blog!)
Then we went to Mum and Dads for tea, we had seafood vol-au-vonts with salad and chips! so yummy! My mum is the best cook!
Chloe has stayed there tonight as Luke and I both start work early in the on that note, im off to bed!
Good night!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 157

We went to get Chloe weighed today, she is now 6.9kg!! and 65cm long!
She is getting so big now....
We then came home and the 3 of us had an afternoon nap and we then went to my grandparents house for tea. Chloe had a bath there and fell asleep in the car, so she is in bed asleep now.
Here are some pics from today, we took heaps for some reason and I had to pick the best 5!

Day 156

We went to get our tax done this morning, then came home and gave Chloe a sleep, then we went to gymbaroo!!
We then gave chloe some solids,,,she loved them as you can see!
my baby girl is growing up!
i then went to vickies house to SCRAP!!
Yes, I did 6 pages last night!