Sunday, January 24, 2010

3rd Trimester

Well, as of today i am in the 3rd trimester...scary!
Considering I had Chloe girl at 36 weeks, I do not have long left at all! It is going to come around so fast. So much to do , so little time.
We had an awesome weekend away, we went to Forster for the weekend. Most of the good photos are on my Mum's camera as it is a water proof one, so I took it into the beach and the pool etc.
Will upload some pics of our weekend when I borrow the card off Mum.

Savvy's Jan kit challenges

Well, cause Sar was coming up I asked her to bring me up a Jan girl kit so I could have a play, 7 layouts and still some stuff left I was so happy!
Here are some of the layouts I did with the kit...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slack again!

I have been so slack with updating my blog, even slack with taking pics of my layouts and submitting them for the challenges I complete!
I am now 26 weeks pregnant, counting down! Not too long to go, I had Chloe at 36 weeks so could only be 10 weeks to go!! EEKKKK! Best get that bubs room sorted!
Christmas and New Years have come and gone by SO fast. Feel like it was over before I knew it. We had a good day, lots of presents or Chloe so our house is now cramped with toys! Trying to find room for them still so it doesn't look like toys r us has vomited in my loungeroom!!!!
It's going to be even worse next year with 2 kids!
I WILL take some pics of the layouts I have done. My friend Sar was here for a few days so I scrapped with her and managed to do 9 layouts in 2 nights. I will have to take pics of them as they are for the January kit challenge over at Scrapbook Savvy.
I'll be back with pics....I promise!!