Tuesday, November 3, 2009

An update...

Well, it has been a while, quite a while. There has been alot going on in our house. I am currently 16.5 weeks pregnant and not coping too well. I have had all sorts of problems and have not been feeling myself for quite some time. I am trying to be positive and looking for that light that is ment to be at the end of the tunnel. It's hard though with no energy and a VERY energetic 18 month old!!
Chloe is going great, talking lots and lots. She is a pure delight. I have still been doing her photo a day. I should really start uploading it again as I miss doing it and it also makes me remember, there has been the occasional sleeping shot lately as I have almost forgotten!!
I am only working part-time now, which is still too much lately!
I am struggling to find the time to scrap as by the time Chloe goes to bed I am also ready for bed!!
I have been doing alot of photography lately, working with other photographers as second shooters and even did a wedding on my own. I really enjoy it.
Well, that's about it, I suppose I should end with a pic update!! Ill be back with some layouts to share


Sar said...

Yahoooooo, she blogged!!!!! :)


Tara said...

Aaaw loz, that top pic of Chloe is just gorgeous!!

She has grown so much!

Congrats on the pregnancy, hope you are feeling much better soon!!