Thursday, March 25, 2010

Almost at the end....

Well, I am officially 36 weeks and 4 days pregnant today, exactly the same as what I had Chloe. I am very very keen for bub to come, I am very much over being pregnant and cannot wait to have this bub in my arms. I am looking forward to our family being completed and Chloe becoming a big sister!!! I just am trying to enjoy her at the moment, very very soon we will have another little addition to spend time with too!
I have been enjoying spending time with my mothers group girls, we have girls all born within a week of each other and one of the other Mum's is due 2 weeks before me so we have been catching up once a week which has been great for Chloe and myself!
I have also loved catching up with my friend Eva, not a day goes past where we don't see or text each other and I love having her friendship, she has a little girl before 11 days before Chloe and also a 4 month old too.
I cannot say the last time i scrapped, oh yeah it was when Sar was here, but I have been SO busy cleaning organising and sorting out our house that I havn't even touched any of it! I hope to sort out photos and papers etc maybe even today.
I am sure I will be back, next time, hopefully, fingers crossed, with photos of our new bub!

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Tina AKA Forever Family For Nian said...

I happened upon your blog and after reading the date of your last post (March 25), I'm praying all is well with you and your baby.

Happiest Wishes,